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The Complete Nailers System
Intelligent design and meticulous construction are the hallmark of every Nailers Tool Belt. Snap one on for size. Note immediately the lightweight and comforable fit. The durable Dupont Cordura fabric, though tougher than leather, is also much lighter.

  • Lighter Than Leather.
    DuPont Cordura fabric is lighter than leather, which translates into a product that's far more comfortable to wear. And working lighter means working better.
  • More Durable Than Leather.
    In Wyzenbeek abrasion testing, Cordura fabric rated as habing ten times the scuff and tear resistance of leather. In addition, the double-stitched and riveted construction of a Nailers Tool Belt means it's guaranteed to last.
  • Tougher Than Nails.
    In merciless puncture propagation testing, Cordura fabric proved to have three times the puncture resistance of leather. It simply won't surrender to nails.
  • Padded For Comfort.
    Evazote foam is the core of every Nailers Tool Belt. This means not only a complete comfort advantage over leather, but also means no break-in period. nailers is ready to use and comfortable from the start.
  • Completely Adjustable.
    The Nailers Tool Belt is available in small (30-36), medium (34-40), and large (38-44), and adjusts easily to all the subtle variations in between. It also comes in right-handed, left-handed, or front-handed (both hammer loops in front).
  • Nailers Stands On Its Own.
    During rest periods, Nailers can be reclipped behind the back and lowered upright. Tools, nails and other supplies remain in the pockets. No more airborne tools.
  • Machine Washable.
    The Nailers Tool Belt maintains its original look longer, with simple machine washing. A mild detergent, quick rinse and spin cycle will do it. Then just hang to dry. (Avoid dry clearning and machine drying.)

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Parts and Accesories
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